Here is a great example of how our service works.  There is a full symmetrical fiber line that is at a main tower location, and we retransmit that service through wireless connectivity.  This allows us to have really low ping times that are great for gaming, WiFi calling, and VPN's. 

Having trouble working from home?  We got your fix!  With low ping times and great business plans, we make working from home a breeze.

Are you looking for High Speed Internet service for your home and/or business? Then you found the right place! We provide Fixed Wireless High Speed Internet to the places DSL won't think about going. Locally Owned and Operated, Wireless Internet Service Provider, providing High Speed Internet to your home and/or business in Madison, Leon, Walker, Montgomery, and surrounding areas. Take a look around our site, find a plan that suits you and give us a call. 


Tired of your kids complaining about their game running slow or "Lagging"?  Razer Wireless has the solution.

​Unlimited High Speed Internet With No Contract

Dropped calls getting annoying?  We can help put that stress behind you.  Our service allows you to use WiFi calling or microcells.

Save Time, Browse Faster